Шрек (shrek1) wrote,

Майдаунам конечно бесполезно, но я попробую-Зачем?

The investigation done for Lawrence Graham reviewed 278 bank accounts in 26 countries and claimed that Ms Tymoshenko or her family were either beneficiaries or signatories to accounts which included a number of UK banks although it says these are now closed. The report claimed that 13 bank accounts in countries all over the world remain open.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/exclusive-uk-banks-in-row-over-yulia-tymoshenko-millions-9177693.html?origin=internalSearch

Ради чего онижедети (а ведь и вправду дети своих родителей) поперлись под пули своих же снайперов?
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